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Know What To Do For Vape Pen Which Is Not Working

Vape pens can be a great alternative to smoking cigarettes or traditional tobacco products. But if your vape pen doesn’t seem to be holding a charge anymore, it might not work the way it should. Learn here how to fix a cart that is not hitting. Luckily, there are a few easy troubleshooting steps you can try before contacting customer service for help.


Does the charge light on your pen come on when you plug in your charger cable? If not, don’t worry! This could mean that you need to charge the battery by plugging in and leaving it plugged in overnight without using it; if this doesn’t fix things, move on to our next step.


If your charge light does come on when you plug in your charger cable, that’s great! But make sure the light goes off after a while—if it doesn’t, try holding down the button to activate the heating element and see if the light goes out. If not, move on to our next step.


If you pressed your vaporizer’s power button, but nothing is happening when you take a drag, there could be a few different things going on. The first thing to check is whether there is any liquid left inside—if this seems low or completely dry, refill it with more e-juice. If it seems like you have plenty of liquid left to vape, move on to our next step.


vape pen not working after charge

If there is plenty of e-juice left in your vape pen, first make sure that the heating element is working correctly. You can do this by holding down the power button to start heating the coil while it’s still attached to your battery; if the coil is working, you should see a bright glow. If this doesn’t fix things, move on to our next step.


If your heating element still isn’t working, you might need to change out your coil with a new one. Your vape pen comes with a coil pre-installed, but if it’s no longer heating properly—or the new coil you got doesn’t seem to be heating up either—it might be time to swap in a new one.


With a bit of DIY experience, replacing the coil and cleaning out your vaporizer can be an easy fix. Give yourself some extra time to ensure you’re not mixing old e-juice with your new liquid; your vape pen is much more likely to have problems if you’re not using fresh juice.