Know what to choose when buying a bike bell

Know what to choose when buying a bike bell

Bike bells are necessary if you ride in an environment with other users, cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. You need to buy a bike bell to be heard to ensure protection and safety for yourself and others on shared paths, bike paths, blind corners, and dual-direction mountain bike trails. And road at times, thus motorists can overhear you. Like any other bicycle accessories, bells have different opinions as well. You will likely take some safety precautions when hitting the road for a bike ride, from wearing a correct-fitting helmet to reflective gear. The bike bell is the unsung hero when it comes to safe cycling. There are plenty of trendy bells out there, yet bike bells are mainly for communication and safety while riding.

Bells must be resounding enough to be heard with styles and tones which greatly vary. If you’re looking online, you have to listen to samples to ensure the tone will work for you and isn’t either too jarring or too quiet. Bike bells must be securely attached to your handlebars and be easily accessible without much hand movement.

Understand what you have to consider when searching for a bike bell


Size and Position

  • You have to think about how users will work and the mounting attachment with your brakes and the position of the handlebars. Most of the bike bells are effortless to organize yourself and you like to ensure the sound piece is aligned in a way that you don’t need to move your hand position around corners or delicate areas to use it.

Type of riding

  • The main factor you should consider when looking for a bike bell is the riding type you’ll be doing. City riders will like a bell that can will stand out over traffic and has a distinct tone from the noise of the traffic. Rural bikers or mountain bikers will prefer a more rugged bell that can manage possible ground hits and jarring rides. Mountain biking bells mostly have descended tones that function great in a trail setting.

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  • You need to think of what you’re searching for, some bells appear more mechanical and sleek, a far cry from the traditional dome bell. Others have a more vintage or classic style that would suit in well on a city street cruiser.

Price and Durability

  • These two are also important factors that need to consider make before buying your bike bell. Bells manufactured for mountain bikes comprise various materials and will be held to durability standards than those used for urban cycling. Yet, regardless of the riding type you do, you’ll prefer your bell to last in different seasons without mechanical issues or sound failure. The ideal choice is a combination of durable and affordable bike bells.