What to know about adhesive vinyl floors

Also worth noting is the existence of vinyl floors with adhesive tiles. The latter can be attached directly to the underlying support. We also remind you that they can also be used – with excellent results – to cover walls.

Those who want to opt for DIY, at this juncture must devote a little more attention to the procedure. The adhesive charge is very strong, which is why we certainly cannot speak of the same room for maneuver as in the case of floating floors lvt flooring in prattville al.

What are LVT floors

In the case of LVT floors (acronym for Luxury Vinyl Tile), very high quality vinyl floors are framed. A frequent example of this is fake parquet. When it comes to LVT, in fact, very high quality products are framed, whose ability to simulate a certain effect is objectively considerable. In fact, it often happens that people take a long time to realize that an LVT parquet is not made of wood. In this case, DIY is not the best solution to adopt. In fact, it is a product that, in light of its quality, requires a care that only those who have professional tools are able to guarantee.

Let’s now see how an LVT tile is physically composed :

starting from what our feet trample we find first of all a transparent layer of variable thickness depending on the resistance of the floor (sometimes called wear layer). Increasing the thickness of this layer increases the wear resistance of the floor. In most of the collections on the market the thickness varies from 0.2 mm to 0.7 mm. It is important to choose an LVT with a wear layer suitable for the use that will be made of the floor. For example, a pharmacy will see the influx of much more people than a children’s room.

This layer may appear to the touch in a different way, slightly rough or striped in imitation of wood or stone.

After the transparent layer we find the decorative film on which the decorative graphic motif is imprinted. As you can see from the collections, there are many different decorations with more or less whimsical and refined graphics.

The greater thickness is constituted by the support layer inside which there is a sheet of glass fiber. The glass fiber serves to contain dimensional variations. This layer also has variable thickness. In LVTs that are laid with total gluing, the thickness is lower while it is greater in floating LVTs because it must guarantee greater stability to the product and, where present, contain the perimeter tapping with which the tiles are joined together.

The layer in contact with the laying surface is thin and in some new collections it is adhesive or equipped with so-called “micro suckers”.