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Getting better through the examination process

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” is a very popular quote that has to be followed by everyone in the current generation. It is absolutely true that education is the key to the success and development of an individual. Today, due to heavy competition in all the fields, the whole world has become a rally where people are just running continuously. This should be taken care of well and ensure that the children are not affected. Positive and healthy competition is always appreciated and is much-needed in the current educational system. To bring that into practice, 11 plus exams were found several decades back that naturally nurtured children and made them future-ready.

It is basically a test that is given to students in the last year of their primary school, which is year 6 in England and year 7 in Northern Ireland. It is used to determine the suitability of the students to the grammar school education. This was made compulsory as it provided huge benefits to the students and today, most of them ignore it due to the existence of a comprehensive education system.

detailed examination process

What is it about?

  • 11 plus exams are definitely the best when compared to other kinds.
  • One of the perceived advantages of this is social mobility. The students who have been in this system are believed to be more successful and develop a large set of contacts and networks.
  • Another study also concluded that these children end up earning more.
  • This exam is taken at the beginning of year 6, in September.
  • The main subjects include English, Maths, Verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.
  • Sometimes the tests will be of a different kind but the preparation time and information regarding the examination will be provided early.
  • There are two main exams conducted and in both, they give preference to core English and Maths.

How to crack?

For any examination, practice is the key to cracking with an amazing score. Especially in this exam, children definitely need to get used to the time constraints. For the same, regular practice will help them finish the exam on time and it will also aid them to know about new techniques which they can consider to crack it easily.

Many websites provide useful information regarding this examination. Be it the time management or ways to improve the practice, it is up to the students to take and follow the rules and start practicing 1 year before to get the desired result and get admission in the top schools.